Study area

The aquifer system is located in the northeastern part of the Katari Basin (department of La Paz)  at the western flank of the Real mountain range (central part of Bolivian Andes). The saturated geological media filled by Quaternary sediments found in the Katari Basin are heterogeneous, which complicates matters when trying to understand the transport and underground storage of water.

Figure  1 Map of the aquifers in the Katari Basin 

According to some preliminary studies, it is thought that the Pucarani aquifer can extend to the shores of Lake Minor. This information can further help develop a project of artificial recharge of aquifers at the foot of the mountain, where the geology changes from a glacial till to permeable Quaternary material. This will help avoid the contamination of the channels of the rivers that pass through populated centers.

Figure 2 View of the Altiplano (high plateu) in Pucarani