Community Engagement

We are working with 25 different communities belonging to the municipalities of Pucarani and Batallas. The communities are mostly based on subsistence farming (quinoa, barley and corn) and raising animals (llamas, alpacas, cattle, pigs and sheep). The villagers have been open to allowing measurements to take place on their land and an employee from the Pucarani and Batallas Town Hall is supporting the team during the entire field campaign. The communities appear to recognize the importance of characterizing the aquifer and water management. Currently, they obtain their water from manual dug wells reaching the water table at less than 5m deep as measured empirically from multiple wells.

The presentation of the preliminary results from the Pucarani aquifer plus a short introduction to the methods used is being planned in the future, in collaboration with Ministerio de Medio Ambiente y Agua and the Town Hall of Pucarani.