New study area: Chocaya basin

On August we have started to work in our fourth site in Bolivia: Chocaya, basin. This new area is located in the center of Bolivia, close to the Cochabamba city. Chocaya basin is an important area in terms of groundwater supply. Most of the population in Cochabamba city (approx. 1 million inhabitants) relies in groundwater. Hence, Chocaya basin was selected in order to improve the knowledge about the aquifer geometry, properties and its dynamics.
It is expected that several researches from UMSS will be involved during the research. Also, MSc students from Sweden (Hannes Pilser, Mire Persmark, Alexander Bergman, Marco Kraus, Jacob Sannum, Markus Beckman and Jeffiner Berg), and bachelor students from Bolivia are going to be part of the project. The project is part of the GWB and SIDA collaboration. Main geophysical method will be Transient ElectroMagnetics and Electrical Resistivity Tomography.


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