Seminars, workshops and courses in Bolivia

Project results have also been presented in different occasions. Four public seminars have been organized in Bolivia, two each in Oruro and Cochabamba respectively. The first two seminars were held in June-July 2016 in connection with the start of the project, with the aim to inform the collaboration partners and other interested local parties in our present and planned activities. One follow-up seminar was held in each place in March 2017 to present and discuss results so far along with plans for continued work. The meetings were hosted by the local academic counterparts Geology Dept., Oruro Technical University (UTO), and Centro AGUA, Universidad Mayor de San Simon (UMSS). We intended to arrange the final seminars on site in Bolivia during spring 2020, but it was not possible due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, one-week course was given to MSc Students from UMSS about “Introduction to Geophysics”, the teacher was Andres Gonzales Amaya.

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